Your Wedding Album, More than a snapshot!

Technology merges with tradition! Today’s wedding album is now an individual work of art, very personalized.  Also known as “Magazine Style”, these types of wedding albums are simply a style of a digital photo album. Magazine style wedding albums are also known as the coffee table wedding album, digital coffee table albums and digital photo albums. They are another form of the storybook wedding album.

Many years ago, the “storybook album” was a series of different size photos spread across pages in a bound album. Now with modern computer technology, images are blended together on a single page spread to produce a more dramatic effect. There are few limitations as to the number of images as was the case in the older formats. A series of color, black & white with other effects can all be put on a single page. The only limit is the creativity of the artist photographer himself.

More than just pictures


It takes a special talent to take the images needed to tell the story. A series of snapshots just won’t do. The photographer must become a photojournalist combining art and technical ability to make images that can be combined into a work of art. All the right combination of images must be created in the first place at the wedding to be able to have the material to create a story line as well as a beautiful design.

It is not something that can be explained in a technical way. It is just something that comes to me personally as an artist. My many years and experiences also contribute to the process. As with many art forms, it is something that has just been a part of my being so involved in my work. Through my eyes, every wedding is different, a special moment in time to be recorded and preserved for many generations of the family to remember and enjoy. Anyone can shoot many images and get a few to look good. It takes the expert eye of the professional photographer to be able to record the special emotions of that moment. As I shoot, in the back places of my mind a plan is being prepared. Once the images are all completed and processed, all the right material is there to produce that beautiful recreation of that special day.

Your wedding day isn’t something you just experience; it is something you will want to remember!

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