Wedding Video Styles

With all three Collections, you receive a Highlight Video and a Full Edit.


All events are now mastered in 4K ULTRA HIGH DEFINITION at no extra charge.

We are FAA licensed to fly drones!!!

Please contact me to set up an appointment to see a demo and plan your once in a lifetime wedding memories. For your convenience if you wish, it is our pleasure to come visit you! We can also Facetime or Zoom to chat face to face.

Cinematographic vs. Documentary Style 

The art of cinematography is more than using the camera, lights and other tools to their best abilities. It also includes the ability to effectively and emotionally tell a beautiful story. Here the talent of the Photographer and Cinematographer make ALL the difference! The Creative Director knows how to use different types of camera shots to create a beautiful scene, always thinking about what the editor will need to put together a story for both the album and video. The Creative Director and the Cinematographer work hand in hand to combine not just beautiful shots that are captured throughout the day, but also meaningful and impactful words. There is a special emphasis put on correctly recording audio throughout your day as well. These are the cinematic lynch pins for the entire production process. The Right Brain and the Left. This is your story, let us tell it.

With a Documentary style the importance is placed on the real moment. Documentary photography and video captures candid or spontaneous pictures of people, decor and action in the moment. It’s candid, yet done so with some direction and styling. It has an approachable feel and a relaxed result. The wedding is captured in real time with less editing to show the way events unfolded.

Cinematographic Films

Documentary Style


Your wedding produced like a live TV Broadcast Show! PERFECT for a Catholic wedding (Mass), Greek Orthodox or even a beach side wedding. Mastered in 4K Ultra High Definition using the latest State Of The Art cameras and computer systems. This format is for the Bride who wants to relive every minute over and over again!

Please contact our Creative Director, Christine for a information, Voice or text, at 561-704-4443.

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